Day 1 of 365

So I bought this book back in December: and was going to start it sometime when I felt I had more time to devote to the beginning of the journey. Today, however, I showed it to my sister, who decided to delve right in.

I’m competitive. I can’t have that!

So I decided to start, too. The problem is, I’m not really that crafty. I don’t have many supplies and I have zero attention to detail. So this is more a journey about effort than quality, I’m sure, and more about the creative process than a finished product. Maybe in the end I will learn some skills to make my  quality and finished product better.

The first task is to make something that fits in the palm of my hand with only materials in my immediate environment. This is made from a tiny tin from an E.L.F. eyeshadow kit, nail polish in assorted colors, a word cut from a paperback novel, and some necklace supplies — all on my coffee table. Good thing I have a messy coffee table.


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